Hello and thank you for visiting our website! My name is Rhonda Martin and I've been a licensed Georgia Real Estate Professional since 2005. Real estate is my second love after my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my husband, our four amazing children, my friends and my wonderful church.

As the daughter of a New York City Detective, genetics causes me to experience genuine, unadulterated pleasure when:
  • hearing my clients plans (preliminary hearing),
  • advising my clients (good counsel),
  • searching for a good buyer, seller or property (gathering evidence and subpoena the witness),
  • showing properties (lineup),
  • negotiating the sale (cross/direct examination and deliberation),
  • meeting deadlines to close (preparation for court date), and
  • closing with a satisfied client (sentencing or acquittal).
While my county of concentration is Gwinnett, I'm familiar with DeKalb and Rockdale counties. I frequent county meetings, grace the halls of the county zoning and permitting departments examining records to be informed of the pending projects which will affects property values.

I could never perform all that is required to execute a successful transaction without my team of professionals who makeup our solutionist team. One of our primary responsibilities is to protect our clients from either over paying or under collecting at the conclusion of their real estate transactions. We swiftly come along side property owners who need to sell quickly due to pre-foreclosure. We successfully manage short sale transactions with the facilitation of our preferred attorneys. We advise and facilitate renovations. We work with proficient mortgage lenders who certifies that our Buyers truly are able to purchase so there are never any surprises before closing. And we have a of cash buyers who are readily available to expediently close a transaction for the benefit of a motivated seller and a buyer who needs more time to procure a loan.

I personally guarantee my attendance at every inspection, every walk through and every closing because our clients deserve that type of attention. Georgia Real Estate is not only what I know; it's what I'm passionate about so let me and my team help you with any and all of your real estate needs.